We've been there, done that, and can't wait to do things differently.
Our teammates have scaled high-flying tech companies, managed tens of thousands of homes, and painstakingly constructed single-family portfolios from the ground up. That's how we know this industry is ready for a renovation.

A simple proposition

What if one integrated toolset could create, manage, and optimize single-family rental portfolios at large scale? And what if residents were ultimately the ones who benefitted most? 
Meet some of the leaders who are making it happen—

Hench LeMaistre

Co-Founder & CEO

Q Shay

Co-Founder & CTO

Charlie Mullan

Co-Founder & CSO

Jim Hart

Co-Founder & Chairman

Shaun O'Connor

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Newgent

Head of Inertia

Jon Ortner

VP, Business Development

Patrick Murphy

Director of Program Management, Elara

Chris Koch

Director of Acquisitions & Customer Experience

Andrew Focier

Head of People & Culture

Dave Matullo

Head of Security

Meir Lakhovsky

Head of Product

Kelly Stephenson

Head of Marketing

Anukul Veeraraghavan

Principal Software Engineer

Mengxiao Song

UX Design Lead

Yana Pohranychna

Product Designer

Oleksiy Yachmenev

People & Culture Manager

Okeksandr Shkatov

Software Engineer

Volodymyr Tomash

Systems Engineer

Dmytro Kirsanov

Software Engineer
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