Technology + People
It's pretty simple. We think the right technology can change the game for single-family rental residents and investors, but only when it's designed to serve people who get to know every market and neighborhood like it's their own.
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Decision Science
Combining advanced data science and institutional-quality modeling, Decision Science instantly generates return analyses for every MLS listing.
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Velocity OS
Market and asset-level data informs investment decision-making, and intuitive tools lay the groundwork for exceptional resident experiences.
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Warp Drive
Built with comprehensive real-time analytics, Warp Drive delivers portfolio optimization strategies that maximize asset value in step with resident quality of life.
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What our tech can do —
Find the right properties
Decision Science programmatically applies investment criteria to all MLS listings and models returns. Identify assets that fit your buy box at a glance and make offers in a fraction of the time.
Deliver instant insight block-by-block
Using hexagonal cartography, our proprietary geo-spatial engine combines and normalizes multiple sources of data to provide insight into geo-specific attributes, like school scores, tax trends, and migration patterns.
Get offers to our agents in minutes
As part of each investment report, Decision Science generates a set of sales and rental comps.  Modify comps to see how changes affect AVMs in real time, and begin offers directly through the platform. Our experienced in-market agents do the rest.
Give residents the convenience they crave
Our property management technology is designed to serve both investors and residents. Through proactive maintenance, regular home retrofits, and technology-powered support, we provide exceptional service without the usual exorbitant hassle.
Turn high-yield assets into high-demand homes
We believe focusing on resident quality of life is the best way to build loyalty and value over time.  With a seamless handoff from our realty services team to our property management experts, we bring efficiency, market knowledge, and concierge-style service to every home.
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